Cooking Across the Ages

Thursday, January 63:30—4:30 PMZoom

Discussion of the Great Courses video series Cooking Across the Ages, available on Kanopy with your library card at

The series description is: Embark on a fascinating international journey through human civilization, all through the lens of cooking. In 24 fascinating episodes, while he cooks, Professor Ken Albala welcomes you into his own home kitchen, encouraging you to explore unfamiliar cuisines as a type of gastronomic time travel that will allow you to get a taste of history like you've never experienced before!

This is intended to be a fun relaxed discussion series.  This video series will probably closely match Professor Albala's previous Great Courses series Food: A Cultural Culinary History, but with cooking as the focus instead of the lecture.

Jan 6 - Episodes 1-4

Jan 20 - Episodes 5-8

Feb 3 - Episodes 9-12

Feb 17 - Episodes 13-16

March 3 - Episodes 17-20

March 17 - Episodes 21-24

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